really letting his ginger flag fly in this movie.  scrump!

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Fan to Jensen: First I just want to say I think you’re a really talented actor and a lot of people just see you and see how attractive you are and they think you’re just another pretty boy, but you’re a lot more than that and I can’t wait to see what you do in the future because you deserve a lot more recognition. 


when you actually did your homework but forgot it at home



when you only got three hours sleep but gotta get up to go to school



Mark Hoppus’s facial hair appreciation photoset | requested by anonymous

  • attractive person: hi
  • me: is this some kind of sick joke
"I never thought of punk rock as the absolute act of rebellion for the sake of rebellion. There’s a lot of that in there, but for me I think punk rock was always about questioning things and making decisions for yourself, which is a great message to pass on to your kids." -Mark Hoppus 

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Cockles being totes adorbs today at the NerdHQ “Conversation with the Cast of Supernatural” hosted by Aisha Tyler